cartoon horses and stuff???? ok

Oh wait shit I need to draw one more thing before I can start what I wanted to.


All current commissions done.

Ethan Strauberry:
Ethan Strauberry: This pisses me off so fucking much its just a picture of Bart squinting his eyes and it has 50,000 notes like is this some metaphor for pot or alcohol like come the fuck on
Munchy: What you have to accept is that we will never be Tumblr famous. Tumblr does not reward hardworking artists o any form. They reward chucklefucks that can make a screencap of some TeenNick sitcom or take three seconds to turn a few seconds of a Ninja Sex Party video into a .gif.
Ethan Strauberry: Goddammit
Munchy: Like, right now. I could turn this into a conversation post and it could theoretically get more notes than any photo or drawing we could slave hours over.
Munchy: This is the world Tumblr operates in.
Munchy: You're posting this on Tumblr aren't you.
Ethan Strauberry: No
Munchy: Good, because I am.



Make work what you love, but don’t make what you love work

Instructions were unclear, I just made love to my drawing tablet.

So what happened with the ear thing? You good? Or do you not know yet? Just out of curiosity

I just have to wait a few weeks or so to let me ear heal. Never did reeeaaally find out what was wrong, but it’s nothing permanent so it’s w/e. 

Edge of space 13 Final hallway


Just finished a commission! Hopefully I can get the other done before school starts again.


Just watched a toilet paper commercial where the cartoon bear kid hugs a pack of toilet paper and unironically calls it “my main squeeze” im

The height of human evolution.

Discomagnet: Sometimes the best approach is to do nothing at all
Kerb: Kerb grabs his popcorn
Sit Rep: Popcorn!?!
Sit Rep: Sounds lovely! I just put on The Shining!
Sit Rep: No mofo best be disrepting Kubrick while I'm around
Munchy: I'm going to be honest with you, when I saw "The Shining," I thought you were refering to a Shining Armor themed dildo and I was wondering how that would fit in the context of your sentence and then I was extremely scared.
Sit Rep: This fucking guy^

Seeing as I only got two commissions, I’m thinking of lowering the prices on my commission page. Maybe they were too steep? I don’t know, I was just following other people’s pages. I’ll fiddle around with the prices tonight and maybe tomorrow I’ll decide on what to do to get more shekels.

I kind of just want to have constant open requests so I can draw what people want for free but I kind of sort of need some money so bluh.

Have you ever seen someone and thought to yourself, I want to be their Speedwagon?

Feeling terrible. :^)

Oh come on, why do I have to be sad now too? Not cool, brain.

Really scared about this ear thing. I’m  checking up with my doctor for an appointment tomorrow.